Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Best Makeup Looks at NYFW!

New York Fashion Week is one of the most awaited events for socialites and celebrities everywhere, and one day, I will go! lol UNTIL THEN..I can sit at home admiring the amazing artists who made these celebrities DROP DEAD GORGEOUS---I don't know who all the makeup artists are for most of these, but either way, they did an amazing job!

  1. Kylie Jenner, makeup by Samuel Rauda (Instagram: @makeupbysamuel)

    • Is this really a surprise that she would be my top pick?! lol I may not agree with the overly drawn lips ALL the time, but Samuel did an amazing job. Her contour is more bronzer than anything and I just love how soft yet strong it makes her features look. Her eyeshadow is to die for. In this pic, it looks like it is a combo of a gold and pearlesque shimmer shade with some brown smoke in the outer v and lower lash line. I am obsessed with this look and I have GOT to recreate it. LOVE.
     2.  Christina Milan
    • Her makeup is so natural. Yes, there is a noticeable highlight, but no harsh contour at all! Subtle bronzer, doesn't look like anything on the eyes and just a gloss over the lips. Beautiful.

      3. Kim Kardashian, makeup by Meredith Baraf (Instagram: @meredithbaraf)

    •  Kim also has a softer contour than normal. She also has a lot of bronzer, a nude lip and a brown smokey eye. Kim's makeup is always flawless. I wouldn't expect her to look bad...EVER

     4.  Rihanna
    • Rihanna is always drop dead gorgeous, makeup or not, but this look suits her so well. The purple/burgundy tones look amazing on her complexion. Her makeup artist did a phenomenal job, using only bronzer with an added beautiful glow and natural highlight. Her eyes have just the right amount of purple that isn't too heavy or crazy looking. She looks flawless. I tip my makeup brushes to you unknown makeup artist. lol 

I've for sure noticed a trend for makeup this year, have you? I know last year was the year for contouring, and for me, I will always have a little contour going on, but for the look to be more bronzed and glowing skin, I think it will be a fresh change. For women to look more natural and to just enhance their beauty a smidgen with a warm color to brighten up their face is refreshing. Can't wait to see what else 2015 has in store for beauty!

Until next time y'all, 

XOXO. Kristina Vancea

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