Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Colllective Haul :))

Hey Lovebugs <3

Okay, before you even say it, YES..I decided to spoil myself a little bit with some things I wanted to try out from Ulta and Sephora. I can't even believe I'm going to say this, but I want more already lol. However, I will buy some of the new drugstore items next to review for you. Can't wait to try out all these products and let you know which ones are AM-AH-ZING and which ones are LAME!! So without further ado..let's get on with the good stuff and look at what I got.

  1. Bronzer-- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil: I have heard NOTHING, and I mean nothing but good things about this bronzer. Not only does it smell phenomenally amazing, it is suppose to be a great contour color for your face. It is for medium to deep skin tones and is shimmer-free and very matte. So you get the nice tan without the shimmer. I love to contour my face and I have been using Mac's Blush in Gingerly to do so and that is more of a brownish/pink color. So this will be a nice change I think to make a little more of a dramatic contour, but not too harsh. 
  2. Powder-- Make Up Forever, High Definition Pressed Powder: This is a pressed finishing powder that "sets your make up and slightly mattifies for a natural luminous finish without a trace of color." It is white in the compact, but comes out translucent. You can wear this alone or apply over your make up. This is something I will probably take in my purse with me because sometimes I can get oily and who wouldn't want to touch up and look flawless all day?! I mean c'mon, its a girls dream. Lets just see how well it works though shall we...
  3. Illuminator--Edward Bess, All Over Seduction Illuminator Visage, in the color Sunlight: I LOOOOOOVE highlighters, or illuminators in this case. It just gives you a natural, dewy, look.  I saw this on Sephora's website and fell in love with this color. It's almost a pale pink with a champagne color. Has nice gold undertones and is very smooth. It's a cream highlighter, so it's going to be easy to blend out. I have never owned a product from Edward Bess, but Jennifer Lopez has sworn by these products that they are great so I had to try. The only thing I am not liking about this is how little of a product you get. It is about as small as an eyeshadow tin. BUMMER--I know, but hopefully I won't need a lot of this product on my face to achieve the natural glow I am looking for. 
  4. Eyelash Curler--Shisiedo: I have never in my life owned an eyelash curler! I should have a long time ago because my stubborn eyelashes never want to curl..BUT I have figured out which mascaras to use to achieve curly eyelashes so I never thought to purchase one..until now. I bit the bullet and decided to give this a try. Can't hurt right?! 
  5. Highlighter--Benefit, Watt's Up!, Soft Focus Highlighter: Like I said before, I love highlighters. I got this product in a sampler package. I was eyeing this product for a while now and finally got the opportunity to test it out before I buy the bigger product. It's a cream to powder highlighter that has a gorgeous champagne glow to it. This one is darker than the Edward Bess highlighter I got. It's not as subtle, but just as beautiful. I will put the swatches on here so you can see the difference of the two. 
  6. Mascara--Benefit, They're Real: Self explanatory really, but I got this in the sampler pack with the Benefit Highlighter. I use two drugstore mascaras to get the perfect length and volume for me. This product is suppose to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift, and separate lashes. If that's true, than I will definitely be switching mascaras. 
    /\ Swatches of the highlighters/illuminators /\

  7. Hair--Moroccan Oil Hairspray: This is a nice hold hairspray, but won't make your hair too stiff. I can't stand when my hair doesn't move and it looks like a birds nest. I haven't found a good hairspray in a while, mostly because I wasn't REALLLYY looking, but found this little guy and wanted to try it out with my new curling wand! 
  8. Body--Tree Hut, Shea Sugar Body Scrub: Yummy smelling scrub I got. This is also very self explanatory...I got it to make my skin feel great!! DUH ;) 
    Last, but not least.....
  9. Bag full of goodies: This is a baggy I got full of samples of products. Ranges from Anti-wrinkle and firming care cream from Vichy Laboratoires, Benefit, The Porefessional, Primer, Smashbox, Photofinish Foundation Primer, to Ouidad, Climate Control, Heat and Humidity Gel. I am not interested in ALL of the products that came in this bag, but I will definitely check out some of these and let you all know which ones I liked. I am more excited about trying the primers only because I have never used a primer since my skin is pretty smooth. However, a lot of people use these to make them have a more flawless face, so if that is the case, than I have really been missing out! 
So yeah, there it all is in a nutshell lol. I can't wait to try out these products and see just how great they all are..well, hopefully all of them! I hope y'all enjoyed my little haul and stay tuned for my reviews on my favorite and not so favorite products!!! 

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Talk to you beautiful people soon!!

XoXo-- Kristina V

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