Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Helloooooo Gerard Cosmetics!

Hello again my loves, 

Been forever and day since I posted in my blog and I knew this would be a great post to share with y'all. Have y'all ever heard of Whitening Lightning or Gerard Cosmetics? Okay, well if you haven't, this company makes amazing teeth whitening products and makeup! Today, I wanted to share with you three glosses that I bought from them! And let me tell ya somethin', obsession does not even begin to describe the feeling I have towards these lipglosses I just got! 

From left to right (Seduction, Nude and Shimmer of Hope) 

These glosses are SUPER pigmented to the point you don't even need a lipstick to go underneath, but if you do put it over a lipstick, it will make your look that much better! As for usual lipgloss stickiness, UH NO, this brand doesn't have that! I know , you don't believe me right, well you should. The formula of these glosses are so creamy and smooth, you won't even feel like you even have a lipgloss on! 

I could rave about these glosses probably for days, but you just need to check them out for yourselves! If you want swatches of these babies, leave me a comment down below or follow me on Instagram and stay tuned for more pictures to come! 

Here is their website and Instagrams so you can go ahead and check them out! 


Instagram: @Whiteninglightning @Gerardcosmetics 

You're welcome lovies! 

XOXO. Kristina Vancea

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