Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year = New Blogsite

Hey lovies <33

OKAY, So I've decided to switch it up a bit and change my blog site from Weebly to now Blogspot. I have recently found this site and have just fell more in love with it the more I play around with it. Just makes me giddy inside to be able to express myself with more options so I can share all my beauty tips, tutorials etc with ya! (I know, I know..I'm weird, but hey..whateva!) AND--even though I have changed my blog site, I am going to repost my old blogs on here so you can still leave me comments and ideas for my next posts. 

Also, with it being a new year, I have decided that I want to branch out my blog and start my Youtube channel. WOO! I have ordered some new make up and can't wait to share my reviews with you all. I will leave my links to my Instagram, Twitter, Luvocracy, and of course, my Youtube Channel. 

I can't wait to see what this new year has to offer and so glad to be sharing it with you lovely peeps. Hope everyone had a great New Years...

Chat with y'all soon!!

XoXo-- Kristina V


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