Thursday, March 27, 2014

Singing Praises to the Make Up Gods.

Omgsh. Where do I even begin? Oh I know, I am obsesssssed with Make Up Geek! Can you say pigmented?! I mean not only are these shadows beautiful, creamy, blendable and super pigmented, they are crazy affordable! The CEO of Make Up Geek, Marlena, is a fellow Youtube Guru that I have been religiously watching! She has such amazing personality and spunk and of course she has the best tips and tricks for easy make up ideas and looks. 

I ordered 8 different shades from Make Up Geek. Every single shadow is just to die for! The shades that I got are peach smoothie, cupcake, hipster, shimma shimma, cosmopolitan , Cinderella and Cyrene brûlée. I use these shadows in almost my every day make up looks! I just can't get enough of them! 

SO, if you haven't checked this make up line out, you need to! That's an order lol

Hope you lovely people enjoyed my quick little rave and have an amazing day! 

XoXo- Kristina V

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